Sunday, January 10, 2016

Too Cool To Pool Or Watch Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Quest

Seems like only a couple weeks ago I had my last swim of the old year.

Ten days into the new year the pool looks as inviting as it did when I last got wet in it.

However, the outer world temperature currently is barely above freezing, at 36, after having dipped into the 20s during the night.

Hence the pool is too cool to be doable.

Last night was not cold enough to be what is known as a three dog night, but it was cold enough to be what is known as a three blanket night.

Currently a large number of football fans from my old home zone are enduring what may be the coldest NFL game in football history, hoping to beat some Vikings in Minneapolis en route to this year's Super Bowl.

I doubt many of the Seattle Seahawks are used to playing in sub-zero temperatures, while those Vikings may feel perfectly comfortable.

Does Minneapolis have a covered stadium, ala the Dallas Cowboys stadium? Or is it an open venue like the Seahawks home venue? I don't know if one could layer enough layers to spectate out in the open in sub-zero temperatures.

The coldest I have ever experienced is 17 below zero. Everything freezes, as in as you breathe eventually icicles form from your exhaust.  Your eyelids get frosty. Your nose turns numb. It is not a pleasant experience.

I don't know how many playoff games the Seahawks have to win to go to the Super Bowl again. But, I think it is probably too soon to be planning a Seahawk Super Bowl Party.

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