Sunday, January 24, 2016

Quickly Building A New Fort Worth Bridge Over Water

Yesterday, after leaving Gateway Park I eventually found myself heading east on the road which morphs from being East 1st Street into Randol Mill Road.

This road crosses the Trinity River on an old bridge which will soon become part of a new paved trail running east all the way to Quanah Parker Park.

I stopped my vehicle prior to crossing that aforementioned old bridge in order to snap a photo of the new bridge which will replace the old bridge.

The new bridge over the Trinity River looks to be a four lane bridge. Only a month ago the bridge's support piers were under construction. That phase of the project is finished with the road bed now being installed.

This new bridge over the Trinity River is being constructed over water, obviously. Water which has caused some construction problems, like back around Thanksgiving when the Trinity quickly went into flood mode, stranding, under water, a heavy piece of construction equipment.

This upgrade to East 1st Street/Randol Mill Road includes two other bridges, in addition to the one over the Trinity. The other two bridges are already completed.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Fort Worth, America's Biggest Boondoggle is currently boondoggling along building three simple little bridges with a four year construction timeline, building the bridges over dry land to connect the Fort Worth mainland to an imaginary island.

A couple months ago America's Biggest Boondoggle made a big deal over one of its three bridges having the wooden forms for its V-piers able to be seen. Has concrete now been poured in those forms? Is the bridge deck under construction like the above Fort Worth bridge?

How is it that one public works project in Fort Worth seems to be being built in the efficient manner I have witnessed such things in other locations in America, at the same time another public works project in Fort Worth ambles along in slow motion with very little to show for an effort which has spanned most of this century.

Very perplexing.

I suspect a local congresswoman's unqualified son is not directing the road/bridge building project on East 1st Street/Randol Mill Road. I suspect actual qualified adults with engineering degrees are in charge of building that bridge over the Trinity River.....

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