Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Possibly Going To Lunch In Houston With A Pair Of Pistol Packing Texas Cowgirls

I saw that which you see here via the Austin American-Statesman on Facebook.

Apparently there is a barbecue restaurant in Houston which will take 25 percent off your bill if you eat with your gun on display in your holster.

What fun. Barbecue with openly armed yahoos. I wonder if beer is served along with the ribs, brisket and sausage.

For a long long time a pair of Texas gals, Elsie Hotpepper and Miss Mary have been saying they are going to take  me out to lunch. I have long assumed they mean take me out to lunch at a restaurant, not some other meaning of the "out to lunch" phrase.

I believe both Elsie Hotpepper and Miss Mary are a pair of pistol packers. I do not know if as of January 1 the are openly packing their pistols in stylish holsters.

If Elsie Hotpepper and Miss Mary take me to their long promised lunch at this barbecue restaurant in Houston that 25% savings might pay for the gas it would take to drive there, what with gas being so cheap lately....

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