Saturday, January 2, 2016

Orca Leaping Under Volcano Causes 2016 New Year's Resolution

Early in the last month of last year I blogged about the Orca Baby Boom underway in Puget Sound in my old home zone of Washington.

Since then one or two more Baby Orcas have been spotted in two of the South Sound Orca Pods.

Yesterday, or maybe it was the day before yesterday, in my old home zone newspaper, the Skagit Valley Herald, I saw that which you see here.

An Orca leaping out of the water, under a big mountain.

The Skagit Valley is at the north end of Puget Sound. The nearest big mountain, in the Skagit Valley, visible from Puget Sound, is the Mount Baker volcano. From the Skagit Valley, when you are out in the flats, on a clear day, and look south, you can see Mount Rainier way in the distance.

So, here is what bothered me about seeing this picture of a big mountain. I could not tell, instantly, if it was Mount Baker or Mount Rainier I was looking at.

Since this was in the Skagit Valley Herald my assumption was that it was Mount Baker. But, it looks like Mount Rainier.

This confusion on my part has led me to the conclusion that I have been way too many years removed from my old home zone.

My New Year's Resolutions usually don't get resolved, unless they involve losing weight,  getting plenty of exercise and eating nutritionally, so I don't know how well this will go.

But, my New Year's Resolution for 2016 is to end my Texas Exile and move back to Washington.

Or Arizona.

This thing that started up today in Texas is just too much. Now the redneck goobers can go around like cowboys in the Old West, openly carrying pistols in holsters.


Moving back to Washington will make it easier to seek refuge in a sane country if the American Idiocracy actually elects either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. I have no faith that the American Idiocracy will not prevail. The American Idiocracy elected George W. Bush.


And the world has still not recovered from America being led by a high functioning moron.

Oh, my other New Year's Resolution for 2016 is to speak my mind, to stop being so diplomatic and tactful, but instead just bluntly saying what I really think. This is new territory for me, thus it makes me a bit nervous that I might commit some horrific egregious faux pas.

When I moved to Texas I still had a house in Washington. A house was waiting for me when I got to Texas. I sold my house in Washington in 2002. It was a nice house. Nicer than the house I moved to in Texas. Except for the fact that the Texas house had a swimming pool. My Washington house did not have a pool. But the next door neighbor's did.

My current location in Texas has a pool, but this abode has become increasingly unpleasant for a variety of reasons.

I have an option or two or three, up in Washington, as temporary locations awaiting a more permanent location.

If I am going to actualize my 2016 New Year's Resolution I must not procrastinate in setting plans in motion.....

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