Monday, January 18, 2016

Mr. Galtex Shows Us Not All Texans Are Right-Wing Gun-Toting Under-Educated Nut Jobs

For some reason many people in the world who do not live in Texas think all Texans are right-wing gun-toting under-educated backwards nut jobs.


I have had direct exposure to Texans for all of this century and I can say for absolute certainty that not all Texans are right-wing gun-toting under-educated backwards nut jobs.

Take Mike Wegner, also known as Mr. Galtex, for example.

Mr. Galtex is a lifelong Texan who is not a right-wing gun-toting under-educated backwards nut job.

I believe Texans of Mr. Galtex's ilk are in the majority in Texas, but have been a silent majority for way too long, but are starting to be way less silent.

Mr. Galtex wrote a blog post yesterday that is an excellent example of the fact that there are a lot of Texans who have a firm grasp on reality as expressed in his blog post titled On Diplomacy in which Mr. Galtex verbalizes his disdain for the current crop of Republican Chickenhawk Presidential Candidates.

The first few sentences of Mr. Galtex's On Diplomacy blog post....

In these early days of presidential primary season, virtually all the Republican candidates are calling for vigorous military action against our enemies, real and imagined. Obama is weak! Carpet bomb ISIS! Our military will be so strong no one will dare challenge us!

Such talk makes me ill......

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