Monday, January 11, 2016

Last Night Zelda Put Me To Sleep With A Tale Of Southern Racist Bigotry

The lady you see raising her fist here is Sheila James Kuehl.

Sheila James Kuehl rose to fame in the early 60s due to her portrayal of Zelda Gilroy on the CBS sitcom known as The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.

Last night whilst watching TV on my phone, horizontal in bed, waiting for the sleep bug to bite me, I came upon a YouTube video of Sheila James Kuehl reminiscing about an aspect of her time on Dobie Gillis.

With that aspect being Ms. Kuehl's fond, poignant memories of the castmate she refers to over and over again as Bobby.

Bobby, as in Bob Denver, he of Maynard G. Krebs fame on Dobie Gillis and Gilligan fame on Gilligan's Island.

The first fond memory of Bobby was not the part of the video which impressed me. It was the story Sheila told of an incident she and Bob Denver experienced  in Birmingham, Alabama which impressed me. An experience which ended with Bob Denver beaten by three white racists because he had the temerity to come to the defense of an elderly black woman the three bigots were harassing.

Racism that I have personally experienced in the modern day South has been troubling my conscience for a couple months now. In the video Sheila remarks that the racism experienced in Alabama was shocking to her and Bob Denver, with their Southern California sensibilities.

I'm guessing it is my Pacific Northwest sensibilities which cause me to have a difficult time understanding why so many people I have contact with, people born and raised in the South, seem to have no trouble being co-horts of overt racists, rationalizing being tolerant in ways unfathomable to me.

Anyway, watch the video below to hear Zelda's tale of Gilligan getting beat up by three idiot racists....

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