Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New 2016 Year From Texas

Happy New Year from Texas.

No. That is not last night's downtown Fort Worth fireworks erupting when the clock struck midnight a few hours ago.

What you are looking at is the downtown Seattle fireworks erupting when the clock struck midnight on the West Coast.

I have never seen the Space Needle lit up in this manner.

I did not make it to New Year's Day on the West Coast. I was peacefully slumbering well before that.

I did not even make it to the Central Time zone crossing into 2016 before being in peaceful slumber mode.

I did manage to stay awake long enough to see the New Year arrive on the East Coast.

I think the last time I managed to remain vertical all the way into a New Year was that New Year's Eve which turned in to 2000.

That New Year's Eve started out at the Fort Worth Stockyards, in the saloon in the now long gone Spaghetti Warehouse. By about 10 the party moved to downtown Fort Worth. This was back when parking was easy in downtown Fort Worth, before the Radio Shack debacle destroyed the world's shortest free subway ride taking riders from acres of free parking to the heart of downtown Fort Worth.

I used to frequent downtown Fort Worth much more frequently back when it was easy to find parking before Radio Shack and inept Fort Worth planning ruined it.

The downtown Fort Worth New Year's Eve 2000 celebration was the best such thing I have ever witnessed.

It's been 16 years, but if my memory is serving me correctly, images were projected on the side of one of Fort Worth's few skyscrapers. Eventually the countdown happened and then fireworks erupted from various rooftops. It was a spectacle. Very well done.

I suspect last night's celebration in downtown Fort Worth was well done as well, with the celebrating centered on the location where Fort Worth now has a town square after decades of confusing the town's few tourist by having signs pointing to Sundance Square, where there was no square or plaza. Just a lot of parking lots, one of which finally did become a square, goofily, redundantly named Sundance Square Plaza.

Anyway, Happy New Year. I suspect 2016 will be a very good year.....

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