Thursday, January 14, 2016

Grand Opening Set For New Floating Bridge While In Fort Worth.....

My Favorite Nephew Jason, knowing of my interest in bridge building projects completed in four years or less, emailed me a link to a KOMO news online article about the Grand opening set for new 520 floating bridge.

The new 520 floating bridge is replacing the old 520 floating bridge. The old 520 floating bridge is the longest floating bridge in the world. The new 520 floating bridge, when it opens, will be the longest floating bridge in the world, spanning more distance that the old 520 floating bridge.

The 520 floating bridge floats on Lake Washington. It is one of two floating bridges which cross the lake. The 520 floating bridge is at the north end of the lake. One the east side of the lake the bridge starts floating not far from Bill Gates' home. At the west side of the lake the bridge floats near the University of Washington.

The cost of the entire 520 floating bridge project is around $4.65 billion. Construction of the new 520 floating bridge began in 2012, with the Grand Opening set for April of 2016.

Four years to build the longest floating bridge in the world.

Over water.

Meanwhile, in Fort Worth, a pseudo public works project known as America's Biggest Boondoggle, also known at the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island Vision is building three simple little bridges over dry land, connecting Fort Worth's mainland with an imaginary island, with a four year construction timeline.

No, that is not an artist's rendering of one of America's Biggest Boondoggle's bridges you see below.

The above is a WSDOT artist's rendering of the new 520 floating bridge, looking west towards Seattle. The University of Washington would be on the right at the end of the bridge, the Seattle Space Needle would be to the left, hidden behind a hill.

As you can see the new 520 floating bridge has a wide bike/pedestrian trail. I'm thinking this new bike bridge crossing would easily connect to the Burke-Gilman trail and possibly make for a bike ride loop around the north end of Lake Washington. That would make for one long bike ride. Long and fun.

The bike/pedestrian trail across the new 520 floating bridges has five bump outs, which they are calling belvederes, once of which you see depicted above.

I do not know if America's Biggest Boondoggle's three bridges have bike/pedestrian trails with bump outs. I suspect not.

I also have not heard of a Grand Opening date for America's Biggest Boondoggle's three simple little bridges being built over dry land.....

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