Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fort Worth's Bearded Lady Stuffs Her Texas Twinkie Jalapeños With Pulled Pork

Texas cuisine is so tempting it is a wonder, to me, more Texans do not have a weight problem.

For instance, six or seven times a week Mildred Halbert's parental units have a feeding at one of the many Dallas/Fort Worth food purveyors.

Usually when Mildred Halbert's parental units have one of their ubiquitous feedings they document the occasion on Facebook, such as what you see here.

A delicacy known as "Texas Twinkies" which Mildred Halbert's parental units enjoyed yesterday at a Fort Worth feeding establishment called The Bearded Lady.

I used to know a lady known as The Fat Lady who was a real good cook. Best cookies ever. I have never known a lady known as The Bearded Lady who is a good cook.

We learn about "Texas Twinkies" when Mildred Halbert's paternal parental unit describes the Bearded Lady lunch as....

 "Havin' a few Texas Twinkies for lunch! (bacon wrapped, pulled pork stuffed in jalapeños covered with pineapple chutney) #GonnaMakeYourTongueSlapYourBrainsOut#TheLadyBraidsHerBeard.

I don't get that hashtag thing one sees all over, but in this case I think it relates to the line at the top where Mildred Halbert's paternal parental unit says "feeling tongue slapped at The Bearded Lady."

I have never been to The Bearded Lady. I don't know where in Fort Worth this feeding establishment is located.

For years Elsie Hotpepper and her co-hort, Mary Not Contrary, have been saying they are going to take me out to lunch. But, they never do.

Maybe someday Elsie and Mary will take me to The Bearded Lady for Texas Twinkies.....

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