Thursday, January 21, 2016

2016's Third Thursday Drips Wet & Noisy At My Texas Location With Sarah Palin

I stepped outside to take an outer world photo on this third Thursday of the new year to find myself surprised by water dripping from above.

Just minutes prior I heard on the radio that the drippage was not scheduled to arrive for several hours, coming in from the west, along with some thunderstorming.

Does the fact that water is already dripping portend that the incoming storm may be more severe than predicted?

I hope not. But before we find out if the incoming storm is going to be a bad one.

A knock on the front door.

Incoming plumber, replacing bathroom faucets.

Speaking of dumber than a plumber.

Yesterday I watched as much as I could stand of Sarah Palin's Trump endorsement  speech.


It is terribly troubling that apparently there are some Americans, including Donald Trump, who are unable to tell that there is something seriously unhinged in this woman.

Blaming Obama for her drunken son Track's assault on his girl friend? Shamefully embarrassing.

Yesterday I also watched the British Parliament's debate on banning Trump from entering the UK. Words like idiot, imbecile, embarrassing, ridiculous, bigot and a mugwat sounding word I'd not heard before were used, all sounding very elevated with a British accent.

The plumber is making a lot of noise with his plumbing. I do not like a lot of noise. Must escape....

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