Sunday, December 27, 2015

Washington Comes To Snowy Sun Bowl & Stormy Heart Of Dallas Bowl

I saw that which you see above this morning in the online version of the Seattle Times.

Yesterday Spencer Jack's dad, my Favorite Nephew Jason, text messaged me asking....

Are you going to the Big Game today?

To which I replied that since I knew of no Big Game the answer to the question is no. And then asked where the Big Game was.

To which FNJ replied....

The Big Game is the Heart of Dallas Bowl with the UW Huskies.

So, it was that Cotton Bowl game that puzzled me weeks ago when I first heard of it, wondering why the UW Huskies would be playing in such a game. I texted my puzzlement to which FNJ replied....

The Cougars also played in Texas yesterday. It snowed where they played. Kinda bizarre that two WA football teams both travel to Texas to play in bowl games.

The Cougars are the Washington State Cougars. WSU and the UW play a game every year called the Apple Bowl. I did not think either team had themselves a good season, so why are they invited to bowl games in Texas? I did not know where the Cougars got snow bowled, so I asked FNJ if the bowl was in Amarillo, to which he replied....

El Paso.

The Sun Bowl in El Paso, where it snowed? I think that is known as ironic.

Did a lot of Washingtonians make the trek to Texas for these bowl games? I can't imagine doing so. I saw no mention made of either game in my local Texas online news sources.

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Anonymous said...

Bad news for Fort Worth.

WalletHub made a list of the Best & Worst Cities to Celebrate New Year’s Eve.

They ranked the 100 biggest cities in the U.S. and Fort Worth finished 96th. Cowtown finished behind 12 other Texas cities. Oops!