Thursday, December 10, 2015

Throwback Thursday To Ruby, Theo & David's Mustanging Mama

What with today being Thursday I guess this is one of those TBT Throw Back Thursday things, which I have never done before.

That would be my little sister, Michele, you are looking at here. I don't know if this is her kindergarten profile pic, or first grade.

A couple weeks ago Michele asked if I could be any help with a school project of my nephew David. David's assignment was to write a brief history of his family. I sent David my take on his family history. I do not know if David got a good grade on this assignment, or not.

In more family history news, last week, out of the blue, my little brother texted me asking what year my Mustang was. I replied it was a 1965 Mustang Fullback. My little brother texted back "Fullback", to which I replied, I am border line elderly and thus a bit senile. I corrected Fullback to Fastback.

I mentioned to David's mother that our little brother had asked me about my old Mustang's age and mentioned that somewhere I have a photo of David's mother with my old Mustang. David's mother replied that she remembered seeing such a photo.

I figured the Michele Mustang photo must be in one of my ancient photo albums. I looked to no avail. I did find photos of my old Mustang, but not the one I was looking for.

Then it occurred to me  that this photo might have been one I scanned way back in 2001. I had roadtripped to Washington for my mom and dad's 50th Anniversary Party. At that party I was shown some photos I'd not seen before. Old family photos from way back in the 1910s, or thereabouts. I think it was that same day I was shown a big  box with a lot of photos. I recollect asking if I could take this box back to Texas with me so I could digitize a lot of the photos.

I did so.

I eventually turned those photos into a website.  Mom and dad were here the following October. I returned the box of photos to them at that point in time. I have no idea where that box is now.

Eventually I found that photo I was looking for of Michele and my Mustang, and a lot more.

So, for the viewing enjoyment of the twins, Ruby and Theo, and David, photos of your mom when she was a baby, and a bit older....

Above is Baby Michele being held by your Great Grandma Slotemaker.

That is your Aunt Jackie holding what appears to be crybaby Michele.

Mama Michele's first Christmas. She could not yet walk but she was able to rip open Christmas presents.

Here Mama Michele is the guest of honor at your Aunt Jackie's birthday party. I built that picnic table in wood shop when I was a freshman in high school. I wonder if it still exists? I suspect not.

I have no idea where the pony came from, but that is Aunt Jackie and Mama Michele being cowgirls.

And here is the photo I was looking for, Mama  Michele climbing into the front seat of my 65 Mustang.

Michele sitting on the hood of the Mustang. That was the funnest car to drive I have ever had. That car took me a lot of miles to a lot of special places. Many special events took place in that car.

Above we see Mama Michele driving her first car. I do not know the make or model.

By the time Michele reached parade age mom and dad were not quite as industrious with parade float building as they were when Michele's siblings were her age. The red, white and blue theme and the street makes me think this may be in Sedro Woolley's Loggerodeo Parade, not Burlington's Berry Dairy Days Parade.

So, there you go, Ruby, Theo and David, photo proof your Mama Michele was once a little kid, just like you, but better behaved, because she had a lot of older siblings to keep her in line....

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