Friday, December 25, 2015

The Iceman Cometh To Texas Along With All Natural Special Moments

The above is the weather info I gleaned moments ago from this very blog you are looking at right now. The 7 day local Fort Worth forecast shows up whenever you scroll all the way to the bottom of this blog.

It looks like tomorrow morning will be my last possible swim until some warmer point in time in 2016.

Snow on Monday? I'll believe it when I see a flake.

Christmas has exhausted me this year. It is barely past 8 o'clock and I am having trouble keeping my eyes open.

I suppose I could make use of the strangest Christmas present I opened today.

A bottle of pills.

Pills bottled in Fort Worth by something called Always Be Healthy.

This particular Always Be Healthy product, which was gifted to me, is called Always Be Intimate. An All Natural Herbal, uh, Special Moments Enhancing Supplement for Both Men and Women.

I slightly altered the description on the bottle because "Special Moments" sounded more family friendly than the actual word used in the product description.

I am supposed to take up to six of these pills a day to get those Special Moments being special, with the recommendation that a pill be taken about an hour before I feel like being special.

The ingredients listed on the bottle are some heavy hitters in the makes you feel good department. Such as Kava Kava, St. John's Wort, Nettle Leaves, Yohimbe Extract, along with multiple other herbs I've not heard of.

I'm thinking my next possible Special Moment would be going swimming in the morning. Taking one of these pills when I get up in the morning would be about an hour before the sun arrives and I go into swim mode. I should know by about 8 tomorrow morning if the swimming special moment was enhanced by this all natural herbal product.....

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