Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Riding A Bali Motorbike With Flora Cheng

That is Flora Cheng you are looking at here.

I met Flora Cheng way back in the last century when she emailed me via my old Dialing Doctor Durango website.

Flora asked me for some advice. I gave the advice, even though I was totally unqualified to do so.

Flora took my advice to heart and the next thing I knew I was being invited to Flora's wedding in Singapore. Unfortunately I was unable to attend, but I did get to see photo documentation. It was a beautiful wedding in a beautiful setting.

Eventually Flora had herself two of the cutest little boys you've ever seen.

Over the years I have gotten to vicariously travel  all over Asia with Flora. To Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kuala Lampur, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Taiwan and other places I am not remembering.

And Bali, which is where Flora is right now. That is Flora motorbiking in Bali above.

Yesterday Flora Facebook chatted me. We chatted for the longest period of chatting in years. Who would have thought twenty years ago that it would a perfectly normal thing to so easily have a chat with someone in Bali whilst one is in Texas. For free.

Flora has called me a couple times since I've been in Texas. The first time I heard Flora's voice I was surprised. I was expecting a Chinese accented voice in lilting tones. Instead Flora sounds like Tallulah Bankhead. I would think a Chinese Singaporean sounding like Talulah Bankhead is a very good thing.

On the Facebook post where I saw Flora motorbiking there is a long thread of comments. All the comments are in Chinese. But, Facebook gives one a translate option. Translating the Chinese comments into English renders them sort of poetic and amusing.

Below is a sampling.....

Eat sleep eat sleep eat sleep I'm full of the day. Must be hard.
This is the climax five minutes after dinner check big let me control of the bike, so leaning leaning stop walk was just starting out bed and breakfast then went to the game in the a c e greatly get it running read amitabha pulling the car stop okay!


Every time after all of the sweet smell of grilled seafood
Full House.
Every time his wife not into
Because don't eat pork
Pulled this big check to try to eat inside.
(think I don't eat he can address)
I can't believe it's delicious.
Just melt in the mouth of the barbecue are hard in
And No, I hate the pig goat?
We both share a plate plus one bowl ask her has full.
It's arrived in Bali fat cats think the first line of delicious.
Photo of a plate of roast pork rib 7 seven million Indonesian Rupiah, NEW CREDITS 7 Yuan.


I'm a capricorn block, everything was to study hard except textbooks


If the network carefully, you will soon be crazy.


Oh I'm busy watching poem by didn't talk to them contact only daddy's home care teacher at SMS on communication curious she is high school classmates


Focus is not on the forehead of the oil light.
My top off a bunch of mosquitoes humming
Walked into the dirty duck shop known
So it's mosquito fortress
Check big said he put on a mosquito away dance


You feeling better?
Become an oval face?
This weight loss is amazing, accident just try!


Leaves you have time to get up, get up too slow today, the sun is perched at its highest peak high farts bones, and how to find you?

The sun is perched at its highest peak high farts?

So, there you go, a bit of a visit with Flora Cheng in Bali.....

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