Thursday, December 3, 2015

Gun Toting Santa Guards East Fort Worth From Possible Incoming Christmas Refugees

On the way to ALDI today I noticed that Santa was back doing his yearly duty, guarding the eastern entrance to Fort Worth from atop the Fort Worth Gun Outlook Post.

As I exited my vehicle to walk into ALDI a really BIG goober in a really BIG truck pulled up, window down, asking me if I was around these parts. I said I was.

The BIG goober then asked me if I knew where the Spit & Stomp Shop was, or some name like that. I said I had never heard of that shop and asked what they sold.

Guns and ammo was the BIG goober's reply.

Oh, well, said I, I think what you are looking for is Fort Worth Gun, just get back on Eastchase and cross the freeway where you can not miss the HUGE Santa guarding Fort Worth from on top of the gun shop.

The BIG goober thanked me mighty profusely and then was on his way.

After I was done with my ALDI business I decided to head back to the machine gun toting Santa to take  the picture you see above.

The BIG goober's Big truck was parked in front the gun supply supermarket.

Now, I can not be the only person to whom it strikes that this just a bit tasteless, in this age of frequent mass murders, by guns, that a store would stick a heavily armed Santa on its roof, aiming his gun at the freeway?

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