Saturday, December 5, 2015

Floating With Fort Worth Fosdick Ducks For A Fountain Inspection

Today for something slightly different than the preceding 7 days I drove to Oakland Lake Park to float in for a close look at the beautiful work of aquatic art in the middle of Fosdick Lake known as Fosdick Fountain.

Several of my Favorite Fosdick Ducks joined me in taking a close look at the Fosdick Fountain.

We could not get too close without getting chilled by the fountain mist.

Who knows what pathogens lurk in that Fosdick mist?

Before the close up look at Fosdick Fountain I tried to go jogging. This did not go well. I am back feeling like a lumbering blob. I think I am missing the cool pool warmup followed by the post swim real warmup, which had begun working real well up to Thanksgiving morning's likely last swim of the year.

Unless we get a major heat wave.

Which can happen this time of year. Three days in a row in the 80s is all I need. Is that asking too much?

I saw several instances of flags at half mast as I drove around today. The only thing I can think of is the recent spat of mass murders. Do we fly flags at half mast for that now?

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