Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Finding A Big Package From Washington On My Way To Miss Puerto Rico's

For several days now incoming emails have been tracking the journey of a large packaged shipped via USPS from Washington.

Yesterday an email announced the package made it to Dallas.

This morning an email indicated the package was on its way to Fort Worth.

Around noon an email said the package was on the final leg of its journey and would arrive soon.

About three this afternoon I exited my abode to head over to Miss Puerto Rico's to take the photo you see above, documenting the return of blue sky for the first time since that Goliath Storm nightmare descended upon us.

When I exited my abode I found a note from the mailman indicating he was sorry I was not home and thus able to accept delivery of the package. I checked me email and found no notice telling me the final destination had hit a snag.

I knew the mailman was still in the area. After about a minute I found him and asked if he'd tried to deliver a package to my address. He had, said he, about 30 minutes prior. Claimed he knocked on the door, with no answer. I asked if he'd hauled that big package all the way to the door. He said no, he had not, that he'd learned when the package is big to knock first and just leave a note if no one is home.

Huh? Wondered I. You walk to the door with that note filled out and ready to leave if no one answers the knock? And if someone answers the knock then you make your way back to your delivery truck to get the package?

Well, unlike a few years ago, the past several years I've had no problems with the mailman delivering packages, rather than leaving a note on the door or in the mailbox, necessitating driving to the post office to retrieve the package.

So, all is well which ends well. As you can see below the package is now inside my abode, unopened.

I know what is inside the package. I am a bit apprehensive to open it. It cost the shipper $36.97 to send this from Washington to Texas. Which would seem to indicate that that which is inside the package is something one is not able to purchase in Texas.

And, a couple minutes after getting the package into my abode one final email from the USPS arrived informing me that the package had been received by an individual.

Me thinks there still is a bit of a clinker in the delivery method of the USPS. It's that final leg of the journey that seems to have going awry potential....

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