Saturday, December 12, 2015

East Fort Worth's Boy Scout Troop Restoration Of Harrison Cemetery

Way back in August of 2013 I blogged about an abandoned cemetery in East Fort Worth.

At that point in time the cemetery was an overgrown jungle, yet it had a Texas State Historical Marker near the side of the road, which is what caused me to stop to see what was being marked.

When I read the historical marker I was surprised to learn this overgrown cemetery was the final resting place for a local notable, J.C. Randol, he of Randol Mill fame.

Anyone who drives anywhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth zone has found oneself driving on Randol Mill Road at some point in time. For me it is pretty much anytime I drive anywhere.

A couple days ago someone named Anonymous commented on that blog post from way back in 2013.....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Today I Found East Fort Worth's Abandoned Harrison Cemetery":

A local Boy Scout troop cleaned the cemetery in 2014 and again in October 2015. You might want to drop by again...

I did as Anonymous suggested and dropped by the Harrison Cemetery again.


That Boy Scout Troop deserves a medal or two or some special accolade.

Harrison Cemetery has been restored. That is how I found, above, the obelisk marking the grave of J.C. Randol.

Below is the aforementioned Texas State Historical Marker. Now you can see the cemetery behind it. Go to the original Today I Found East Fort Worth's Abandoned Harrison Cemetery blog post and see what this looked like two years ago.

What motivated this Boy Scout Troop to do this good deed? Methinks some sort of reward is warranted.

Did the Fort Worth Star-Telegram have an article about the restoration of this East Fort Worth cemetery? If not, why not?

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