Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Checking Out Fort Worth's Mallard Cove Park Artworks & Bridges

Gooseneck of Mallard Cove Park
Around noon I had to deliver some paperwork to an office in what is called the Grammercy Building, located along the frontage road which runs east of I-820 from John T. White to Randol Mill Road.

Since I was in the neighborhood, after the paperwork delivery, I opted to head east on Randol Mill Road to Mallard Cove Park, for the first time since the park was flooded a month, or so, ago.

The beautiful work of art you see here must have been installed since my last visit, or maybe I simply did not notice it before. I do not know what the work of art is called.

Gooseneck, maybe?

Judging by the fact that Fort Worth spent about a million bucks on a piece of structural art which looks like a garbage can, or the ruins of a water tower, I'm guessing this substantial looking Mallard Cove Park Gooseneck work of sculptural art cost likely somewhere in the couple hundred thousand zone.

Continuing on past the Gooseneck I eventually came across a bride over Mallard Cove.

I do not know how much this feat of bridge engineering cost or how long it took to build. I don't even know if it was built over water, or built during a drought when Mallard Cove shrinks to puddle size. I do know that there was no Star-Telegram article touting the appearance of the piers which support this Mallard Cove bridge.

Walking with the Mallard Cove ducks did not last long. Too cold, despite multiple layers of outerwear, including an ear covering thing I have used whilst skiing. I fear it will be another year before I feel the outer world heated to above 70.....

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Art C. Fartsy said...

Do you think you could get Brian Luenser to take glamour photos of these two impressive civic structures?