Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Are You One Of The Great American Embarrassments Supporting Trump?

Today when I hit the publish button on a blogging, and then checked to see that it published correctly, I was a bit, well, mortified, to see I was sort of advertising the world's currently most notorious human.

Donald Trump.

Well, maybe not the world's most notorious human, that title is likely still held by that other little man with bad hair, you know, that creepy killer who rules North Korea with bombast and firing squads.

But, I can not think of a human, currently, more notorious in America than The Donald.

I have no control over what ads Google's AdSense puts on my blog. I can only control the category of ads. Like maybe block political ads, but I'm not sure that blocking political ads is a blocking option.

The ads Google AdSense displays are contextual. Meaning Google tries to match ads with the content of the blog post and what Google determines are what the blog reader may be interested in. I must have been to some Trump-related thing, or maybe I mentioned Trump in a blog post, or maybe some Trump entity is paying a lot of many to put this Trump ad on any fool blog out there.

I really don't know.

What I do know is it is somehow just a little embarrassing to find myself, even indirectly, advertising anything to do with Mr.Trump.

I used to have a non-negative opinion of Donald Trump. Back when he was simply a billionaire who sort of made an ass of himself firing people on a reality TV show. He seemed innocuous til the day he announced he was going to attempt to become the next Republican president. His announcement was ripe with absurdly stupid hatespeak, which only signaled the beginning of a lot of absurdly stupid hatespeak to come.

The Donald's hatespeak has gotten so much worse.

But, he speaks the language of the great mass of under educated, ill-informed, nonsense spewers who are what I refer to as The Great American Embarrassment.

The Great American Embarrassment is all over the Internet. Or listen to right wing talk radio. Or read the comments to a FOX News online article. Or attend a Tea Party meeting. Or a Sarah Palin speech.

Methinks the Great American Majority has had their fill of the Great American Embarrassment, with a big change coming via the next election.

Then again, I have previously admitted I am a hopeless optimist who is frequently disappointed and thus fully prepared to seek refugee status in Canada, should Donald Trump or Ted Cruz get elected by the Great American Embarrassment, which would mean that the Great American Embarrassment had become the Great American Majority, to the shuddering horror of a lot of Americans and the rest of the world....

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Steve A said...

If you go to Canada, our Canadian Senator (Ted Cruz), might follow you!