Monday, November 9, 2015

Running Away From The Village Creek Muumuu Lady

It had been well over a week since I'd been in Arlington visiting the Indian Ghosts who haunt the Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

That particular historical area has been experiencing some closures due to a flooding Village Creek.

I had not ventured into the really cool pool since last Friday. Saturday rain stopped me. Sunday the temperature was below 50, thus not meeting my going swimming criteria. This morning the temperature was 56 when the going swimming time of the morning arrived. I thought the water might be too cool to be doable. I thought wrong. I had myself a mighty fine time getting a good dose of hydrotherapy.

I'd been easing up on the running for several days due to a sprained Achilles tendon. That pain abated today, hence the running with the Indian Ghosts.

In the picture above you might be thinking that white specter like figure you see hovering about the paved trail is an Indian Ghost. You would be thinking wrong. That is the lady known as the Muumuu Lady, today not in a Muumuu, being instead stylishly attired in a jogging suit.

When I first saw the lady today she was having a prayer time with some hapless soul she'd cornered. When I got to the formerly blue Village Creek Blue Bayou a guy with a shovel came up to me and asked if I'd seen another guy with a shovel.

Yes, I had, said I, he is down by the bridge praying with an old lady.

I was afraid of that said the guy with the shovel. Yeah, said I, it does not  work to answer no when she asks if she can give you her testimony. I found out the word no did not work when she proceeded to give me her testimony anyway. All about God saving her from a mountain lion that was prowling  along Village Creek.

I told the guy with the shovel on my second encounter where she asked if she could give me her testimony I said "No habla Englais." She proceeded to switch to Spanish. I proceeded to take off.

The third time I encountered  the Muumuu Lady, months later, when she asked if she could give me her testimony I said, "Ich sprecke kein English, sprechen sie Deutsch?" That worked. I've been German ever since when I run into the Muumuu Lady.....

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