Saturday, November 21, 2015

PETA Throws No Party For Meat Eating Impotent Texas Cattlemen

I saw that which you see here this morning on Facebook, brought to my eyes by Miss Miki who saw this billboard near the intersection of I-121 and Beach Street in Fort Worth.

Along with the photo Miss Miki posted the following words, "Really ‪#‎PETA‬ you're pathetic!! Go ‪#‎meat‬ and ‪#‎texasstrong‬".

Go meat and texasstrong? I have no clue.

Several people made comments, including me. Here's a couple...

Carole Jeremy Shaffer: English being not my first language it took me a minute to get this... very tacky

Durango Jones: English is my first language but I didn't get it either, til I read the small print....

The message in the small print is "Eating meat can cause impotence. Go vegan!"

After I made a comment Miss Miki made a comment directed at my comment...

Miki Hojnacki Von Luckner: I want to read your musings on a blog about this Mr. Durango!!

Well, I usually always do what someone wants me to do, hence me musing about this billboard on this blog.

Haven't men been meat eaters going all the way back to our caveman days? One can not help but wonder how the number of humans got to be many billions with so many impotent meat eaters.

Who is the genius at PETA who thought this billboard message is an effective good idea?

Did it not occur to any PETA person that this billboard message is extremely tasteless and tacky?

Til I enlarged the image I did not realize the woman on the billboard appears to be stripping off her clothes.

I doubt drivers zipping by this billboard can read the small print, but drivers likely do notice the woman taking off her clothes and probably have enough time to read the woman's message, "I Threw a Party, but the Cattlemen Couldn't Come."

Keeping with the eating meat makes men limp theme, shouldn't the woman be saying something like "I Threw a  Party, but the Cattlemen Couldn't Come Up"?

That is if  "Cattlemen Couldn't Come" is the tacky double entendre I assume it to be. Which seems a bit counter-intuitive. I mean, if the woman's issue is that the Cattlemen could not finish the task at hand, doesn't that seem to indicate that the Cattlemen had been able to adequately perform their mating duty, except for the happy ending part of the job?

Did it not occur to anyone at PETA that they were making this woman seem to be a bit of a slut? Cattlemen? She threw a party for multiple Cattlemen? Wouldn't the sign be just slightly less tacky if it said "I Threw a Party, but the Cattleman Couldn't Come Up."?

Still wouldn't cause me to cease being a meat eater......

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