Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It Took Ten Texas Seconds To Vote Today

Yes I did.


I can not be the only person who has experienced the voting process in another state who finds a Texas ballot to be a bit bizarre.

As in so few things to vote on. And the few things one votes on are all the same. This election it was voting on amendments to the Texas State Constitution.

Why are these type things voted on as amendments? Like the bizarre Amendment #7. Amending the constitution to spend billions on road improvements, but with no added taxing, tolling or fees.


That's an amendment to a state's constitution?

I walked in to my Eastside Regional Library Polling Place to find half the election workers sound asleep. I am not kidding. Two out of four were nodded off. I voted around noon and was only the 22nd person to vote. No wonder they were sleepy.

Upon arrival they could not find my name. And then the lady trying to find my name decided I was in the wrong polling place. Eventually she figured out she had misread my voter's registration card's precinct number.

Finally I was allowed  to vote. A process which took about 10 seconds.

It seems to perplex the locals as to why so many Texas elections have such low turnouts.

It would seem to me to be rather obvious if voters had a more vested reason to be voting, as in a lot of issues about which they felt some reason to vote one way or the other, I think they'd go to the bother, such as what will likely occur next November, when record numbers of Americans go to the polls to give the Republicans the thrashing they so richly deserve, to a level that sounds the death knell for the Republican Party, landing them on the ash heap of history, along with the Federalists, the Whigs and the Know Nothings.

The Republicans are the Know Nothings of the modern era, anti-immigrant intolerant types that they mostly be....

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