Friday, October 2, 2015

Today Texas And America Lost A Real Good Man

As you can likely guess, I am looking scornfully concerned in this photo because of the out of control Sea of Grass which has taken over the Village Creek formerly blue Blue Bayou.

This used to be a big pond of water, with just a little bit of vegetation.

I tried to go running with the Indian Ghosts today, what with hoping the chilly temperature being in the low 70s would make for a likely pleasant bout of endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation.

But, I was tired. I'd run for a bit, then walk, then run some more. I was not feeling like Mr. Light On His Feet like I did two days ago running around Fosdick Lake.

I think the tiredness came from having been vertical since a bit past 4 this morning. I had to deliver Mr. Ed to a clinic so he could be operated on. A real early delivery. I made it back to my home zone before the sun arrived, so I had myself a pre-dawn pool bout.

Weighing on my fragile mind is the fact that there have been way too many deaths in the past week. Russians killing Syrians in Syria. Aunt Alice's son, Wade. The killing spree in Roseburg.

While trying to run with the Indian Ghosts my phone made its incoming text message noise. I sat on a shaded bench and soon learned that today Tarrant County Lost A Hero. Allen Patterson succumbed to the brain cancer he has been fighting for what seems well less than a year. Just a day or two ago Allen posted on Facebook that he was ending his chemo treatment and taking off on a roadtrip with his family. The way Allen Patterson dealt with the blow of suddenly finding out he had an extremely deadly version of cancer was of the courageous uplifting sort I do not believe I have witnessed before.

I have to be in the downtown about which all of America is envious tomorrow morning at  8. I just got reminded by Elsie Hotpepper that there is a big parade happening in downtown Fort Worth tomorrow. I should be out of there before the parade starts rolling....

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