Wednesday, October 14, 2015

In A Tandy Hills Outdoor Classroom With Rush Limbaugh's Ranting Echo

I hurt my right foot changing a tire yesterday. Yes, I realize you are wondering how one could manage to hurt ones foot whilst changing a tire. Well, it's none of your business, so I'm not going to explain my most recent case of mechanical ineptitude.

I figured some high speed rocky hill hiking would have a salubrious effect on my aches and pains. I figured right.

In the picture the view is looking north, I think, across some of the seats in the newest Tandy Hills Outdoor Classroom.

I sat for a bit in the Outdoor Classrom and pondered. On the drive to the summit of Mount Tandy I listened to Rush Limbaugh make a bigger fool of himself than he usually does, ranting nonsense about last night's Bernie and Hillary Show. Rush Limbaugh lives somewhere in Wonderland, with Alice, a land where up is down, right is wrong, stupid is smart, yes is no, crazy is sane. Well, you get the drift.

I have met Rush Limbaugh types in person over the years. Invariably, like Limbaugh, their formal education ended with high school, If they got that far. And while in high school their grades were average, at best. Solid C students.

Solid C students, who as adults blather nonsense because they just don't know any better because they just never learned any better.

Anyway, as I hiked today, armed with my snake whacking stick, I was startled by what sounded like it had to be a large animal crashing through the brush.

It was.

A very large animal.

A human in the form of a lady all attired in naturist garb with a clipboard, like Jane Hathaway going butterfly hunting. (Jane Hathaway was Mr. Drysdale's secretary on The Beverly Hillbillies). I chatted with Ms. Hathaway. She invited me to some sort of Orienting Event on Saturday. I politely declined the invitation, which seems to be what I do with most invitations.

No one has invited me to lunch today, so I think I will invite myself to go cook something right now....


Steve A said...

According to Wikipedia, in Rush's 2 semesters of college, his mom claims he "flunked everything." Hardly solid C work in my book. Of course Durango is well known for his tact.

Durango said...

I did not know this, Steve A. So the blustering blowhard actually tried to go to college and could not make it past two semesters. That is worse than just having your education ending at high school. I did not mean to be so tactful....