Thursday, October 1, 2015

First Day Of October Chilly Tandy Hills Hiking Followed By Rain

Today I had myself the coolest high speed hill hiking in a long long time.

74 degrees when I reached the summit of Mount Tandy.

75 degrees when I returned to the summit of Mount Tandy an hour later, with big plops of rain starting to drop.

Those ploppers dropped all the way to ALDI in the first good rain I've seen since I don't remember when.

Windshield wipers slapping time to the mindless ranting of Rush Limbaugh, til I couldn't take the nonsense anymore, so I switched to some soothing golden oldies rock and roll.

As you can maybe tell by the giant dandelion looking yellow flowers above, the wind was gusting a bit before the rain began. These giant dandelion looking wildflowers were sprouting by the rock crypt which showed up a couple years ago. Near as I can tell no one has ever turned over the rock to see what is in the crypt.

I have to get up real early tomorrow to provide chauffeur service for someone needing delivery to a clinic for a surgical procedure. I should be able  to make it back here in time for my regularly scheduled, pre-dawn swim.

The pool was a bit cool this morning. October is when it begins to become a bit more challenging to go swimming in an unheated pool. The new month sure has started off starkly different to most all of September. Cool, cloudy, rain, wind. But now, mid-afternoon, the sun has returned and the temperature has risen to a still sort of chilly 82.

Have I ever mentioned I am not much of a fan of riddles? Well, I have now....

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