Monday, October 12, 2015

Endorphin Overload After Jogging Around Fosdick Lake

I was back at Oakland Lake Park today in the noon time frame to jog around Fosdick Lake, along with other joggers, walkers and dogs being walked.

88 degrees currently. When is the predicted cold front scheduled to arrive?

Today's was the first successful jog in around a week. The jogging had turned painful due to a foot injury acquired during a nightmare. The pain has now abated, hence the successful jog.

I had myself a mighty fine cool pool bout early this morning, exiting the pool before the sun began its daily illuminating duty. I do not remember the pool being so comfortably doable this many days into Fall in years previous. Makes me a selfish fan of global warming.

I don't understand why I seem to get no endorphin benefit from pool type aerobic activity, while jogging seems to bring an extreme endorphin dose, leaving me feeling very relaxed and in a good mood.

Now would be a good time to try and annoy me because it would be very difficult to annoy me til  the endorphins wear off.

The lunch bell, well, microwave timer just sounded its noise indicating microwaved baked spuds are ready for consumption, smothered in chili, topped with sour cream, with corn and cabbage-carrot-celery salad on the side.


Lisa said...

Good to hear your foot isn't painful anymore. One of the worst feelings in the world is not being able to do well what you love!

Anonymous said...

Might I inquire how fast/how far you are swimming? For me(55, male), swimming 1500m/30 mins does the trick.

Durango said...

Lisa, I'm glad my foot isn't hurting anymore too.

Anonymous, when I say I go swimming it's not like I do laps in the pool like an Olympic swimmer. I do a variety of things, like walk as fast around the pool as I can, forward and backwards, swimming kicking hard and working my arms hard, all sorts of various movements in the water. But I never seem to get breathing hard. I've never been a good swimmer, as in swim fast. I sort of water plod.