Monday, October 5, 2015

Aunt Alice Called Last Night To Talk About Wade

It was a week ago Sunday that Aunt Alice's son, Wade, died.

Aunt Alice called me last night, successfully, for the first time since Wade died.

Aunt Alice was unable to answer many of the questions I had, due to the sad fact neither Aunt Alice, or Wade's dad, Uncle Albert, have been told the answers.

The Facebook Messenger phone app is of poor quality, which I indicated when Facebook inquired after the call ended, so I may have not heard correctly a thing or two.

But this is what I think I understand.

Wade had completed his first day on a new job at the Omak Walmart. I think Aunt Alice had driven Wade to Omak, with Wade expecting Uncle Albert to pick him up after work. I believe this was Friday. When Wade's shift ended, as he was waiting for a ride, he had a seizure. The Walmart manager had Wade brought to the Omak Hospital. I believe Aunt Alice was then called. A friend then drove Aunt Alice to Omak. They stayed with Wade for about 30 minutes, then left, not wanting to tire him out.

Aunt Alice does not know what happened the next day. Wade either left on his own, or was discharged by the hospital. But, he was not out of the hospital long when he must have had another seizure, though Aunt Alice does not know. He was then flown to Harborview Hospital in Seattle.

Alice did not go to Seattle. I think Albert may have. Alice had no one to take her to Seattle. Wade died the next morning. Aunt Alice has no information about any details. This seems both sad and hard to understand.

Wade will be buried on Wednesday in the cemetery in a little town near Tonasket called Loomis. Aunt Alice is not quite sure how she is getting to the burial.

Uncle Albert's sister, Sharon, set up a GoFundMe webpage, which you see screen capped above, to help raise money for Wade Hudson Funeral Expenses.

From the Wade Hudson Funeral Expenses GoFundMe webpage....

Thank you everyone who has donated. Wade is remembered with love and thankfulness for the time we had him with us. His father Albert and Mother Alice are very grateful. God bless you kind people.

Wade's Aunt Sharon
My precious nephew, Wade Hudson died unexpectedly Sunday, September 26, 2015. He was taken from us suddenly and tragically and died from brain injuries. My brother, Albert Hudson is left to not only grieve for his son but to bear the expenses of a funeral and burial costs. We are asking for donations to help Albert with the expenses. Wade is survived by his daughter, LaVada Hudson, father Albert Hudson, mother Alice Hudson. Any donation will help even if only 5 dollars. Thank you.

Wade's Uncle Roger
A huge THANK YOU to all who have pitched in to help out with this. Please feel free to reach out folks and post on social media so others can see this cause and join in. A couple dollars from a lot of people can help cover costs for the burial. Albert is facing a lot of other costs beyond the $2000 needed to bury Wade. This $2000 will cover the cost of a burial plot in Loomis, the concrete liner, the fees for digging the hole and a pine casket. Nothing extravagant is planned and nobody is looking to make a buck off this cause. You all are wonderful and will be blessed for helping out with what you can.

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