Monday, October 19, 2015

An Uneventful Visit With Coco & Belly Baby

You are looking at Coco Bella here. That would be Coco on the left, with Bella, also known as Belly Baby, behind her sister.

This morning the sisters, well, their mother, text messaged me, telling me they missed me.

I texted back that I would visit the Babies this afternoon. And so I did.

Last Monday when I visited the Babies, Belly Baby ran and hid under the bed. The week before that was the last time I successfully picked up Belly Baby. Which by the way is not something someone with a weak back would want to be doing. That last pick up of Belly Baby did not last too long.

That pick up ended with extended hissing, for no apparent reason.

Today, when I entered the Babies' abode, the first thing I did was close the door to the hide under the bed location. I then said hello to Coco who was in her regular position, guarding the computer room from her computer chair lookout post.

I looked for Belly Baby in the computer room. Could not find her there. I reopened the under the bed location and looked under the bed. No Belly Baby there. I then went back to the TV room and quickly saw that Belly Baby was sitting in the prime TV viewing chair. She must have been at that location when I entered, but due to the lack of light, due to blinds being closed, I do not see too clearly upon entry.

I left Belly Baby where she was and returned to the computer room to pick up Coco.

Coco seemed pleased to get picked up. I sat down with Coco on a chair opposite from the one Belly Baby was on. I expected Belly Baby to run away, but she just sat there staring.

After a few minutes Coco jumped off my lap and walked to the chair Belly Baby was sitting on. At that point Coco did one of the weirdest cat things I have ever seen. She pretty much stood up on her hind legs, meowing at Belly Baby while she was doing so. After about a minute of hemming and hawing, but not hissing, Coco hopped up on the chair to join her sister, which is what brought about the picture you see above.

Belly Baby looks as if she may have lost some of her big belly since I last saw her. I did not attempt to pick Belly Baby up today. I have a hard time getting over being hissed at for no apparent reason....

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