Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Today Mr. Ed Took A Bloody Bad Tandy Tumble

The Tandy Hills turned bloody today for Mr. Ed.

I think I may have mentioned previously that I usually excuse my way out of taking Mr. Ed anywhere where being coordinated, direction-wise and other-wise, is an asset.

The last time I agreed to take Mr. Ed on a Tandy Hills hiking expedition he got lost.

I did not witness it, due to being on the opposite side of the hills, but today Mr. Ed apparently took a spectacular tumble on the trail which heads west from Tandy Falls, resulting in bloody knees, butt bruising, face lacerations and hand palm cuts.

Mr. Ed only agreed to have the hand palm cuts photographed for documentation purposes.

Mr. Ed may be being extra clumsy due to having impaired eyesight, scheduled to be fixed early in the morning of October 2 via cataract surgery.

Speaking of clumsy. I have gone hiking and biking with some clumsy people. Gar the Texan comes to mind.

The last time I ever went mountain biking with Gar the Texan he had one of the most spectacular bike wrecks I have witnessed. It was on the Horseshoe Trails at Lake Grapevine. We were pedaling merrily along when suddenly Gar the Texan lost control on a downhill section. He flew over the handlebars, did a roll, rather gracefully gymnastically, I must admit, and then came to a stop. He was quite shaken, with this putting an end to that mountain bike ride.

I just realized not only was Horseshoe Trails the last place I mountain biked with Gar the Texan, it was also the last place I mountain biked with Mr. Ed. Mr. Ed was pedaling merrily along when somehow the bottom of his shorts got hooked on the bike pedal, ripping the shorts, causing a wreck. This put an end to Mr. Ed's mountain bike riding. The bike went into isolated seclusion in Nurse Martha's garage.

Tomorrow I think I will go jogging in Arlington at the Village Creek Natural Historical Area, alone, except for the Indian Ghosts.....

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