Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Swimming In The Rain With Big Drops While Thunder Booms Before Going To Chinatown

Overnight, fall seems to have fallen upon us.

This morning when I exited my abode to go swimming I did not realize rain was falling in copious amounts.

The sun had yet to rise, hence the outer world was still dark, I had not looked out a window, nor had I heard rain hitting a window, which I suppose requires wind, of which there has been none blowing.

So, the rain being in downpour mode surprised me.

And then I got to the pool to see  it was within about two inches of overflowing, which would seem to indicate a lot of rain fell last night.

None of which I heard.

I did hear the thunder booming, loud, in the middle of the night.

My hearing is impaired at night, due to earplugs, which may explain why I did not know rain had fallen. But, even earplugs can not stop one from hearing the thunder booming.

The explanation for the photo above is as follows.

Post swim I decided to attach my camera to my Popabrella rain shield and step outside on to the patio to take a picture of the deluge. The flash flashed with light bouncing back from the falling raindrops. You can see the turquoise pool through the big raindrops.

I am not a big fan of swimming in the rain, singing, yes, swimming, no. But, today seemed to be an exception, even though the drops were falling in downpour mode, at times, I still manage to have myself a mighty fine time.

There will be no hiking, jogging or bike riding today. I'm going to Arlington, to Chinatown this morning. In long pants, due the new cool temperature.....

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