Saturday, September 19, 2015

Spencer Jack's Dad & Favorite Uncle's Philadelphia Visit With The Pope

Just yesterday I asked Spencer Jack's dad, my Favorite Nephew Jason, aka FNJ, if he was planning on seeing the Pope when the Pope came to town.

FNJ said no to the Papal visit.

So, what do I find in my incoming email this afternoon?

A photo of Spencer Jack's dad with the Pope.

In addition to the photo of the Pope there was another photo, with that one being FNJ with what looks like the Liberty Bell behind him.

The text in the email said....

Toured the Liberty Bell, not covered in snow, this afternoon with FNJoey after taking a picture with the Pope.

So, if FNJ is in Philadelphia apparently he took his little brother, he being Spencer Jack's Favorite Uncle and my Favorite Nephew, Joey, aka FNJ2, along.

I didn't think one was allowed to get as close as FNJ appears to be to the cracked Liberty Bell.

And why are there no pictures of FNJ2?

The Liberty Bell photo appears to be a selfie, taken by Jason of himself and the cracked bell. The Pope photo does not appear to be a selfie, which might indicate FNJ2 took the picture.

Two days ago FNJ implied, with tricky verbiage, that the next day he was heading over the newly re-opened North Cascades Pass, driving by Liberty Bell Mountain, to check out the remains of the Eastern Washington wildfires.

Below is the part of the original Liberty Bell text message which did not seem to indicate it was to Eastern Pennsylvania FNJ was heading....

Heard the east is much warmer. 85 degrees daytime high. Looking forward to such. As I am going to visit Liberty Bell tomorrow. Wish me a safe journey. Will for sure share new photo documentation of the Liberty Bell, and post the Eastern Washington devastating fires. -FNJ

I am guessing that FNJ thought he would be able to take some Eastern Washington wildfire photos whilst flying over them. That plan may have gone awry due to cloud cover or the route not flying over anything burned or burning.

Anyway, I guess I really don't know where FNJ and FNJ2 are. I am fairly certain I know where FNJ3, my Favorite Nephew Jeremy, is, as in somewhere in the Phoenix metro zone, likely Tempe.

I wonder if Jason invited the Pope to visit Spencer Jack's school in Mount Vernon. Spencer Jack's school is called Immaculate Conception. I am almost 100% this is a Catholic school. I know it's not Lutheran....

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