Friday, September 18, 2015

Solving The Mystery Of Spencer Jack's Dad's Liberty Bell Location With The Republican Debate

This morning when I woke up my phone I found a couple text  messages from my favorite nephew, Jason, he being Spencer Jack's dad and my favorite ex-sister-in-law's eldest son.

Soon after reading my FNJ's text message I saw that which you see here, on Facebook. A posting from the aforementioned FNJ.

To that post my favorite ex-ex-sister-in-law's favorite mountain hiking partner, Michele, asked Jason "where are you".

The photo in Jason's Facebook post might suggest he is Philadelphia, or in California, at Knott's Berry Farm.

Jason's second text, which he sent last night, might provide a clue as to the why of the Liberty Bell photo. Below is that text message in its entirety....

Howdy --- FUD must be in his horizontal position. Fires in Eastern Washington subsided and North Cascades  Pass is open thanks to much needed rain in the area. We did not have an Indian Summer. Cold and rainy tonight! Furnace on. Heard the east is much warmer. 85 degrees daytime high. Looking forward to such. As I am going to visit Liberty Bell tomorrow. Wish me a safe journey. Will for sure share new photo documentation of the Liberty Bell, and post the Eastern Washington devastating fires. -FNJ

Translating a few terms in FNJ's text message. FUD is Favorite Uncle D. Horizontal position means in bed. Liberty Bell is a mountain one drives by when one crosses the North Cascades Pass from Western to Eastern Washington.

FNJ is heading to Eastern Washington to get some natural heat at a temperature about what I set my A/C to. Currently, well before noon on this Friday morning the outer world is chilled to 81 at my location, heading to a predicted high today of one degree under 100.

FNJ's first text message said....

Thought I'd see some Trump blogging this morning. Did my FUD not watch the 3 hour long entertaining debate?

I watched. For awhile. I did find it entertaining. For awhile. But, after awhile it gets a bit annoying listening to a group of grownups spout so much ignorant nonsense. Methinks Lincoln would be appalled at what now passes for Republicans. Teddy Roosevelt would likely also be appalled.  Now that you are making me think about it, Dwight Eisenhower would likely be appalled. I think even Barry Goldwater would be appalled and embarrassed by some of the irresponsible things spewed by too many Republicans.

Is that a good enough debate take, FNJ?

Oh, I forgot to mention Trump. Well, I find him amusing. He sure is living proof that just about anyone can become a billionaire. Apparently being smart, well educated and well mannered are not requirements. In Trump's case it helped that he got help due to inheriting his dad's real estate business. Or was it dad's money? I forget.....

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