Tuesday, September 29, 2015

On The Tandy Hills Perplexed By Lonesome Shoes And The Rapidly Rising Gas Price

Back on the Tandy Hills on this next to last day of September. A few days ago I had myself a slight tripping incident which impacted my left knee. For some reason hiking hills at high speed makes the knee feel all better.

Likely the feel all better thing is caused by the tranquilizing endorphin effect induced by heavy duty aerobicizing.

Now, what is the deal with the shoes, you are asking yourself?

Well, these shoes were sitting beside the trail on the north side of the Tandy Falls Escarpment, above currently dry Tandy Falls. This location is about as far as one gets from civilization on the Tandy Hills, unless one considers the freeway civilized.

In other words, I would not want to walk barefoot from this location back to my vehicular transport.

Speaking of vehicular transport. What's up with the price of gas overnight shooting up 20 cents a gallon, or more. I drove by two QTs today that I drove by yesterday. At that point in time both were $1.95. Today both were $2.19. The Circle K on the way to the Tandy Hills yesterday was $1.96. Today it was $2.18. Yesterday the Shell across the street from the Circle K was one penny more than the Circle K. Today the Shell is still a penny more than the Circle K.

How does this happen, overnight? Did something bad happen about which I am unaware? Did the Iran nuclear deal collapse? Did NASA's revelation that Mars is wet send up the price of oil? Is the price jump caused by Shell ceasing with Arctic drilling?

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