Sunday, September 6, 2015

Looking At A Big Blue Water Tank While Stair Climbing To Mariachi Music At Oakland Lake Park

No, that is not a screen cap from the upcoming new Star Wars movie you are looking at here. What it is is one of my neighborhood's water tanks.

Due to this part of the planet being a bit elevation challenged water pressure is achieved by pumping water into tanks raised above the surrounding area, with gravity then providing the locomotion to move the water to nearby taps.

At least I assume that is the reason for the ubiquitous water tanks in various forms that dot the land in the D/FW zone.

Yesterday I took a break from my Tandy Hills hill hiking and sat on one of the benches in the original Tandy Hills Outdoor Auditorium. This faces north. I counted fourteen water tanks as I scanned the horizon.

It was not too long ago that the above tank was re-painted. For some reason the tank needed to be re-painted again. That process has been going on for a couple months.

For quite awhile the tank was shrouded in a giant tent-like thing, while, I assume, the old paint was sandblasted. Then the painting began. First gray, which I thought a nice color, but turned out to be an undercoat. Then white, which I also thought looked good. Some of which still exists at the top, waiting to be blued, which I assume is the final color.

A couple days ago, driving by this location, I had a moment of empathy acrophobia when I saw one of the tank painters dangling over the edge, below what remains white, wearing a harness, attached to a rope, painting.

I hope he was well paid.

My vantage point to take this photo of this particular tank was Oakland Lake Park. We are looking northeast at the tank. I was in Oakland Lake Park for my latest running episode, and to do some stair climbing.

I was minimally attired so as to maximize cooling, but I still got way too HOT and was soon drenched. High humidity. Still felt real good.

The stair climbing was accompanied by mariachi music blaring from the picnic pavilion where a man was leading some sort of dance class, teaching a large group how to have a mighty fine time dancing some sort of Latin inspired dance.

Must make lunch now. Italian sausage hot dogs, with potato salad. It's Labor Day Weekend, hence hot dogs...

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