Monday, September 14, 2015

Does Mike Huckabee Serve Bigoted White Christians Only?

I saw that which you see above on Facebook. I do not know if any of this collection of signs came from Texas. Only one of these signs identifies the state, that being the sign on the lower left, with the sign saying....

White Patrons Please Seat From Front
Colored Patrons Please Seat From Rear

While there is still plenty of stupid bigotry spewed by stupid bigots in these United States of America, it is just a little encouraging to realize it used to be a lot worse.

Then again, currently we have presidential wannabes, like Mike Huckabee, spouting incredible stupidity, such as being so stupid he thinks the Supreme Court's Dred Scott Decision, from way back before the Civil War, is still applicable, and that modern America is ignoring that decision, just like modern Americans should have the right to ignore the SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality.

Why has Mike Huckabee not been laughed out of contention?

And then there is Donald Trump. A couple of the above signs make Mexicans the bad guys. Just like Donald Trump currently does. While I don't think The Donald has suggested Mexicans should not be allowed to eat in American restaurants, what has come out of The Donald's mouth regarding Mexicans is some pretty ugly verbiage.

Anyway, the above signs sort of give some encouragement that stupid bigotry has been somewhat toned down, with the vast majority of Americans embarrassed by such stupidity.

But, as evidenced by the ongoing Kim Davis debacle, though a minority, it is clear there are still way too many bigoted Americans too stupid to realize, or understand, that they should be embarrassed...

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