Saturday, September 26, 2015

Does The FBI Have Me Under Surveillance Again?

I totally forgot about this, til now. On Wednesday I was in Euless at the Dr Pepper Star Center location where I found I was able to connect my phone to the City of Euless open wi-fi.

When I got back to my home wi-fi zone the phone did not do its usual automatic connect to the wi-fi thing. The phone opened up all the wi-fi hotspots available. I was surprised at how long the list was.

And more than surprised to see that which you see here, that being among the wi-fi connections available was one to a FBI Surveillance Van.


I used my digital camera in macro mode to take the photo you see  here. I've not figured out how one makes a screen cap of what one sees on the phone.

I digress.

If the FBI were in my vicinity, in a Surveillance Van, would they be so dumb as to announce their presence in this manner?

Does the FBI have me under surveillance? I strongly suspect not.

Years ago a "special" woman in Tacoma, prone to what those who deal with her refer to as "episodes", claimed, on Facebook, that she'd contacted the FBI about some imaginary thing about me that her delusional mind had conjured. It was pretty funny. One of the comments from one of her "Friends" suggested she save all the emails. I don't know where the reference to emails came from. Emails were not part of the episode's rant. So, to the email suggestion the delusional "special" woman then posted that that email suggestion worked. That the FBI was coming to her house to read those emails and check out her computer.

Anyway, I mentioned the FBI Surveillance Van to one of my neighbors. That neighbor had seen this on his list of possible wi-fi connections too.

The only van in my local vicinity is my own van. I am almost 100% certain my van is not being used as an FBI Surveillance Van......


Larry M said...

Same thing in my neighborhood!! It must be Jim Oliver.

CatsPaw said...

Hahah! Yeah, "they" hang out near my place, too.