Saturday, September 5, 2015

Did A Terrorist Knock Down The Tandy Hills Skyscraper?

Way back on August 22 I blogged a blogging titled An Obelisk Monolith Skyscraper Has Risen On The Tandy Hills after I discovered a rock monolith had risen on the Tandy Hills, with the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth in the distance to the west.

The Tandy Hills Skyscraper was still standing two days ago, but today, as you see here, the Tandy Hills Skyscraper has been knocked down.

When I first saw this I thought it to be the work of a Tandy Hills terrorist, but then I thought some more, actually there really was not a lot of thinking going on, but the thought occurred to me that the Tandy Hills Rock Artist, you know, the Hoodoo Builder, may have knocked down the Tandy Hills Skyscraper as some sort of homage memorial to the upcoming 14th Anniversary of 9/11.

How can that day be 14 years ago?

Even though it was Saturday I did not go to Town Talk. I have removed Town Talk from my regular Saturday schedule. Town Talk has changed. And not for the better. The last couple visits most of the familiar faces have not been there. Has Town Talk changed owners?

Maybe I will start making a regularly scheduled Saturday visit to Arlington's Chinatown, to the Saigon Cho Market to get Asian food fixings.

Speaking of which, Cashew Chicken stir fry is on the menu for lunch. I need to get cooking....

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MLK said...

Went to TT today, got lots of goodies. Veggies, veggie roasting spice mixes, pineapple, eggplant, lots of yogurt.

Super crowded.