Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Long Wait In Euless At The Dr Pepper Star Center With Fuzzy Fish Tacos

Today I decided I would photo document what I look like when I have grown tired of waiting for someone to return.

Elsie Hotpepper has been giving me selfie taking lessons.

I don't see that the lessons have brought much improvement. I always look the same. Apparently tiring of waiting causes no alteration in my demeanor. Basically it seems I always look grumpy.

Anyway, I was doing the waiting at the Dr Pepper Star Center in Euless. I don't know if that is what the entire huge sports complex is called, or just the ice hockey arena.

I swiped the phone awake and sent a couple text messages, then checked Facebook. Then the phone made a noise which caused me to look at the part of the phone that points out things, like if you are wi-fi connected. The phone told me I was wi-fi connected. How could that be, I wondered? I tapped on the wi-fi connected part of the screen to see a long list of active wi-fi spots, with my phone connected to the "open" City of Euless wi-fi.

So, does the city of Euless have city-wide wi-fi? Or was this just a Starcenter thing?

Whatever the answer, discovering I was connected to wi-fi made the phone much more useful for time passing. I watched a YouTube video or two. Listened to the part of the Nixon/Dean Cancer on the Presidency tape that I had not yet completed. Watched a few Facebook videos.

I was engrossed in video watching when the party I had been waiting for showed up. The time was coming up on an hour past noon. I was hungry. A Fuzzy's Tacos was nearby. Fish tacos sounded like a good lunch plan.

Fuzzy's Tacos fish tacos not being as good as Taco del Mar fish tacos is the most important thing I have learned today.

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