Tuesday, September 8, 2015

100 Degrees HOT Running With Indian Ghosts Before Thunder Booms

According to my computer based temperature monitoring device, at my current location the outer world is being heated to 84, with about two hours to go before noon.

And 100 is once again the predicted high for the day.

But, a cold front, with thunder, is on the menu for tomorrow. I will believe it when I get wet and hear a big boom.

A week or so ago I attempted to return being a running man, with that attempt taking place in Arlington, running with the Village Creek Indian Ghosts. That attempt did not go well. I felt like a wobbly walrus. Subsequent running attempts have been much more successful,  not quite a galloping gazelle, but no longer a wobbly walrus.

Today I am going to try and run with the Indian Ghosts again, while the temperature is still comfortably warm, before this predicted bout of natural air-conditioning blows in.

And then, post-run, go to ALDI to get some stuff, like soy sauce, to facilitate a Chinese stir-fry for lunch.....

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MLK said...

Beautiful day, sat outside for lunch. Gorgeous evening tonight at Sundance Square. Love it.