Sunday, August 2, 2015

Zebra Zeke Cries No Tears Over Cecil The Lion's Murder

I saw that which you see here this morning on Facebook.

Is it too soon after a psychopathic American dentist's murder of Cecil the Lion for this type of, well, humor?

In the photo that is allegedly the late Cecil the Lion eating Gary the Gazelle, who Cecil killed for dinner.

Gary the Gazelle was killed via the natural method, with Cecil using no bows, arrows or bullets. Cecil did not have a hunting permit. Nor did Cecil remove the head of Gary the Gazelle to mount on the wall of his den.

Below is the text you see as part of the screen cap under Cecil and Gary....

Turns out, Cecil the Lion was no choirboy. Photos have surfaced of Cecil in the act of killing and eating Gary the Gazelle. Gary was a favorite of both locals and visitors at Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park, where he delighted onlookers with his trademark leap, while clicking his heels. Gary was 12 years old and leaves his beloved wife, Greta Gazelle, and their 8 (unnamed) offspring. Gary's long-time friend and confidante, Zeke the Zebra said, "A lot of people are crying over Cecil lately, but, let me tell you, I've lost a lot of friends and family to him. He was an animal. I won't be crying no tears."

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