Thursday, August 6, 2015

Today Is My Mom & Dad's 64th Wedding Anniversary

On this day in 1951, six years after a big bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, hastening the end of World War II, my mom and dad got married.

As you can see my dad is in uniform. That being the uniform of the United States Army. Soon after this picture was taken my dad was shipped over to France.

The Korean War was America's current war at the time my dad was shipped to France. I'm glad dad was shipped to Europe rather than Asia. I might not be in Texas right now if my dad had been shipped to Korea.

If I am remembering correctly while my dad was in Europe my mom was a secretary in Seattle.

When my dad returned from France to be mustered out of the army my mom was in New York City to greet him.

How my mom got to New York City I have never remembered to ask. I can not picture my mom traveling solo across the country via bus, train or plane.

To get back to the West Coast mom and dad bought a car and proceeded to take the longest road trip they ever took, til years later, after retirement, when mom and dad roadtripped across America one more  time.

If I remember correctly the route of the return to the West Coast had mom and dad driving south down the East Coast, to Florida, then west across the South. I assume they must have passed through Texas. I must remember to ask.

I know eventually mom and dad made it to Nevada, then headed to Death Valley.

Seems very adventurous to me that mom and dad ventured into Death Valley way back then. Cars did not have air-conditioning in the 50s. And flat tires were much more common. I've had myself a flat time in Death Valley. But that turned out to be fun. I had air-conditioning.

I don't think mom and dad continued west all the way to Los Angeles. Seems like, years later, when mom and dad took me and my siblings to Disneyland for the first time that that was the first time they'd been in Southern California.

Anyway, Happy 64th Wedding Anniversary, mom and dad. I must remember to call later today....

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