Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Still Life Of John McClamrock

A posting on Facebook from the Dallas Morning News led me to that which you see here.

The DMN Facebook post said...

From Pee Wee to the NFL, our culture assigns the highest status to the football hero; can we expect a 12-year-old boy to resist? And yet, columnist John M. Crisp asks, can we also ignore the possibility of life-changing injury?

The Facebook link took me to the Crisp Dallas Morning News opinion piece titled Why parents should think twice about their kids and football.

Mr. Crisp's opinion editorial had a link to an article in Texas Monthly titled Still Life.

Still Life tells the life story of the 18 year old boy you see above, John McClamrock, and his mother Ann.

Not all that often do I read something which gets to me in the bring a tear to the eye sort of way, what with me being a jaded, grumpy, curmudgeon, but this story got to me.

I recommend reading Still Lifeparticularly if you are the parent of a kid who is determined to play football.

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