Friday, August 7, 2015

Spencer Jack Waving & Water Sliding At Washington's Lake Chelan

That would be Spencer Jack waving at you.

Last weekend Spencer drove his dad over to Eastern Washington to Lake Chelan.

Which would make that Lake Chelan behind Spencer.

Lake Chelan is the largest natural lake in Washington. It is a narrow, 50.5 mile long lake. A very long, very deep lake, with crystal clear water which I remember as being extremely cold, even in summer.

For some unfathomable reason Washington is known as the Evergreen State, when the fact of the matter is a large area of the state is not green, such as that which you see above.

Because Lake Chelan is a not a polluted body of water one can eat the fish you catch there. Native to the lake are fish like various versions of trout, various versions of suckers, mountain whitefish and  a couple other swimmers I am not remembering. Six types of fish not natural to the lake have been added, with those being Rainbow trout,  Kokanee, Yellowstone cutthroat trout, Brook trout, Chinook salmon and Lake Trout.

The official Lake Chelan website gives one a good idea why this location is such a big tourist attraction. A blurb from that website...

"Only in Lake Chelan will you find four seasons of wine, sun, stunning natural beauty and adventures that you can tune to your own tastes."

Below are two videos of Spencer Jack water sliding whilst at Lake Chelan....

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