Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mom Post Successful Surgery At McDonald's With McCafe

For years now it has been an annual tradition for my mom and dad to send me a birthday card, with me calling mom and dad on my birthday to wish them a happy birthday of their eldest son, with mom asking me if I got the card they sent, with me informing them that no card had arrived.

This is then followed by a week or two of asking me if the card has arrived, with the mystery then ended by a phone call telling me the card had arrived back in Arizona. We then figure out what went awry with the address, with the card then getting stuck in another envelope, and then successfully delivered to Texas.

This year the problem came from using the number 403 instead of the correct number of 433.

The card arrived at its final destination last Friday. I then text messaged mom and dad, telling them "Thank you. The card has arrived in my mailbox."

As soon as I sent that text message mom called me back. After going over the details of this year's card journey mom told me the news that she was going in for a surgical procedure today to remove a cancerous tumor of the melanoma sort, I think. Mom did not have many details. But has had such things removed  previously, though this one sounded worse, with some left ear involvement.

So, yesterday I texted my sister while I was not watching a baseball game at Yankee Stadium and asked her to keep me updated like she did a couple months ago when dad got a pacemaker.

That would be part of the update, above, with mom, post-procedure, bandaged, in McDonald's enjoying a McCafe.

Included with the picture of mom in McDonald's was the news that the procedure did not take as long as expected.

I suspect mom is in recovery mode now, being sleepy. I will wait til tomorrow to call to hear how it's going...

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