Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Haha A Card From My Little Sister Thanking Me For Teaching Her Not To LOL

Yesterday afternoon in my mailbox I found a letter from my little sister. I opened the letter to find a birthday card. The cover of the birthday card had a picture of someone who vaguely looked like me in a serious facial contortion.

The text on the cover of the birthday card said, "Happy Birthday to a brother who's taught me something very important..."

I opened the card to see "LOL" in big letters, under which my little sister wrote, "Have a good one! Jackie".

At the same time I read my little sister was LOLing in big letters I saw that which you see above, on Facebook, informing me that "LOL is out, haha is in."

Supposedly Facebook is claiming "haha" is used by 51 percent of Facebook users, while "LOL" is totally uncool, used by only 2 percent.

Most of the people I see on Facebook must be totally uncool because I am still seeing a lot of  LOLs and have seen no hahas.

I have long found the LOL thing to be a bit annoying.  I'll read LOL and think really, that has you laughing out loud? That is not even remotely amusing, yet it has you laughing out loud?

I texted my little sister to thank her for the birthday card and also texted that "I just read on Facebook that LOL is totally out. Haha is the new LOL. Haha.

To which my sister texted, "Whatever. LOL."

To which I texted, "haha".

From this I guess we can conclude I am way cooler LOL-haha wise than my little sister...

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, brudder man! Prost!