Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Discovering Why McDonald's Is Slumping After Getting Too Hot On The Tandy Hills

It seems as if it has been months since I have seen the view you see here, viewed from a bluff on the Tandy Hills, looking west at the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth, with its four soaring skyscrapers evenly spaced across the downtown.

The last time I was on the Tandy Hills the hills were in color, with wildflowers blooming and prairie grass green.

Today the  predominant color was brown, in various shades. A few yellow sunflowers added a little color. The trails are currently cracked with deep earthquake-like fissures. Water is needed.

With the temperature nearing 100, even though slightly shaded by some clouds, it was too HOT to do too much hiking today.

Among my incoming happy birthday cards one included something called an ARCH card. One takes an ARCH card to McDonald's to get oneself some McDonald's vittles. I had not been in a McDonald's since I was in Arizona in 2012, not since McDonald's has been in the news due to slumping sales in the chain's American stores.

Post Tandy Hills hiking I took my newly acquired ARCH card to my neighborhood McDonald's, which would be that which you see here, the McDonald's at Meadowbrook and Loop 820.

I think the big turn off for people regarding McDonald's may be the awkward way one now places ones order.

That and the cluttered menu which is difficult to read.

One looks up at the meun as one waits ones turn to place ones order with the one and only order taker. By the time it was my time to order I had still been unsuccessful at finding the Coke part of the menu. I had tell the order taker I could not find Coke on the menu board. She then asked if I wanted a large. I said  okay. She said that'd be $1.19. I proceeded to tell her what else I wanted, some off the Dollar Menu, some off other parts of the menu.

So, menu confusion is problem number one.

Problem  number two is there is too much crammed on the menu, making it hard for tired eyes to read.

In the old days the McDonald's menu was simple. No confusion. Not difficult to read.

The main menu is on the wall behind the order taker. On a wall perpendicular to the main menu is the McCafe menu, flashing intermittently on a flat panel TV screen. Previously my mom told me to try a caramel frappe, or something like that. I tried to find the caramel frappe when the McCafe menu cycled through. After I'd paid for my order, whilst waiting for my bag of burgers and fries, I finally found the caramel frappe.

Methinks it would behoove McDonald's to totally rethink its menu and ordering method. At least put another copy of the menu where it can easily be viewed prior to getting in line to order.

How about ordering kiosks, where the customer touch screens their order, swipes the pay card, prints up a receipt, with an order number on it. Hears  the number called and  then picks up the order. Or have the menu touch screens at the booths one sits at to consume ones food. Place ones order there, and wait for it to be delivered.

McDonald's current menu method and ordering method does not make for a pleasant experience.

I would not be back, except for the fact that there is still over $15 on my ARCH card....

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