Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August Is Starting To Scorch In Texas While Betty Jo Keeps Cooler In Washington

Day after day after day after day over 100 degrees, with very little chance of precipitation precipitating, as you can see via a screen cap from this morning's Fort Worth Star-Telegram, which kindly allows me to check the weather, and little else.

On the plus side of little chance of precipitation precipitating the humidity is lower than it would be if there was some precipitation precipitating, thus the HEAT INDEX is not at the misery level long suffering Iran is currently experiencing at 160 some degrees.

Does Iran have air-conditioning of the modern sort? I have no idea. I read recently that most of Europe thinks America is way too cool. They were referring to the low temperatures of our interior spaces, not that other way us American's are way too cool.

I heard from Betty Jo Bouvier last night, up north in my old home state of Washington. Part of what  Betty Jo had to say was temperature related. Betty Jo does not know how good she has it at relatively chilly temperatures. This is what Betty Jo had to say about getting HOT....

Another hot day in Washington, 83 degrees right now at 7 in the evening. It has been so hot and dry that the lawn just crunches when you walk. I haven't watered except my flowers and my small patch of vegetables. 

Flowers and a patch of vegetables. Luxuries I sorely miss.....

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