Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why Are Armed Bubbas Guarding Burlington's Army Recruiting Center?

What you see here arrived via email a couple minutes ago.

I thought it was only in Texas armed Bubbas were guarding Army recruiting centers.

Burlington is the town in Washington I lived in from age 5 til 20, give or take a year.

Is the open carrying of firearms now legal in Washington like it is in Texas? Can a Washington Goober now stick a gun in a holster and wander around in public? And guard things the Bubba Goober thinks need guarding?

What is it these volunteer guards are thinking? Is it that the Chattanooga murder of five military men by a mentally ill Muslim is some sort of conspiracy that is threatening to be replicated all over America? Including the little town of Burlington?

You just know if this epidemic of Bubba Goobers guarding military personally keeps spreading that something bad is going to happen.

The Burlington Bubbas should hurry themselves to Texas to help fight the Jade Helm invasion....

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