Sunday, July 19, 2015

Today I Celebrate My 8 Year Happy Google Anniversary

Google has a policy regarding its AdSense product similar to the first rule of Fight Club, as in the first rule of Google AdSense is not to talk about Google AdSense.

I think the talking prohibition has more to do with sharing details of how many AdSense cents one makes, revenue generating-wise, than simply mentioning some non-consequential AdSense aspect.

Such as, this morning when I checked in on the Google account Google informed me of that which you see above, that being today is my 8 year Happy Anniversary with AdSense. So far I have not been notified about any Google party celebrating this momentous occasion.

It is a little hard to believe that it has been 8 years since the Google AdSense account went active. I remember having to jump through hoop after hoop and then getting to the point where I was told  I could add AdSense code to my webpages. That day I added the code to about a quarter of my Eyes on Texas webpages, which at that point in time only numbered around 300.

The next day I logged into the Google account to find the AdSense account providing a strong motivation to add the AdSense code to all my Eyes on Texas webpages. And so I did.

And now, 8 years have gone by. If I remember right the blog you are looking at right now came along about a year later, followed by multiple other blogs, all with AdSense ads.

Doing the Google AdSense thing has become sort of an addiction, like pulling the arm of a slot machine and being pleased by the number that rolls up, or being perplexed by the number that rolls up, while once a month seeing the slot machine tray fill up with coins.

I'd like to break free of this addiction, but I fear it would involve getting some sort of addiction therapy, which seems like way too much bother, all things considered....

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